Basic Terms of Nutrition

The weight loss task is in reducing the amount of fat in your body. You will learn how to eat for weight loss or for the maintenance of normal weight, but especially how to eat healthy which is the most important.

Basic Terms in Nutrition We Use

  • The basic ingredient – apples, eggs, meats, potatoes, rice …
  • Food – all processed foods like bread or salami, pasta or yoghurt, cooked rice or spinach …
  • Meal – a set of several dishes a day like breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner
  • Diet – the actual eating regimen for group of people or individuals like hospital food

What We Track in Nutrition

  • Nutrition value (content of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals …)
  • Food digestibility and usability
  • Quality of food
  • Energy value

Proper Daily Nutrition Needs for Human

  • Fats – 30% to 10%
  • Protein – 14% to 10%
  • Carbohydrates – 56% and more

The Basic Categorization of Ingredients by Origin

  • Animal origin – meat, milk, egg, honey
  • Plant origin – fruits, vegetables, cereals, pasta

The Basic Categorization of Food by Nutrition Value

  • fats – animal fat (pork, poultry, fish) and vegetable fat (oils, nuts and seeds) – because animal fats contain cholesterol, a person who wants to eat healthy should prefer vegetable fats
  • protein – amino acids are founded both in animal based and plant based foods
  • carbohydrates – fruits, vegetables, starch, sugars
  • water – clean tap water or mountain water is the most suitable, green and herbal teas are also beneficial in small amounts
  • vitamins – our body cannot create vitamins by itself, so we need to eat them – primary sources are fruits and vegetables
  • minerals – calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sulphur, potassium, zinc, …
  • foreign substances – we try to avoid them as much as possible in today’s world – nitrates, metals like mercury or cadmium, plastics