What to Drink for Losing Weight

Here we briefly mention other important aspect of nutrition. It is just not enough to eat right for overall health and for health of bowel. You also must consider what you drink on every day basis: is it ok for a proper weight loss?

The Proper Drinking Regime – What to Drink for Slimming?

The right drinking regime supports natural detoxification process. The toxic substances are dissolving better. Our body can thanks to water nourish cells and wash out some pollutants and toxins out of the body.

Our body is made up of water from 65%. It really makes sense to make sure that you have enough high quality water in your diet regime.

orange juice

We recommend drinking approximately 2 to 3 litres of pure water. Of course you can include a small portion of herbal teas with great healing power, or fruit and vegetable juices. High-quality mineral or mountain water is welcomed too.

No coffee, no alcohol, no sweetened lemonades, no juice with artificially made substances, remember!

If you do not drink enough, even the bowel will not function properly. The stool hardens up, and there may be more problems with constipation.

Again, do not underestimate the proper drinking regime. And especially avoid alcohol! It can dehydrate the organism quite easily even more.