Weight Loss and Sports

cycling for weightlossDo you want to lose weight and have healthy slim body? Do you want to live without extra fatty pounds and with a smile on your face? Start your weight loss journey today!

If you are craving for an ideal slim body, you will need to completely change your previous eating and lifestyle habits. It is all in your head. Re-think carefully the attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle.

Ideal weight and slim body = health. Of course, the good overall health should be the main goal of weight loss, not a nice figure alone.

Finding the Sport Number One – Recommended Sports for Weight Loss

It is recommended to do some consulting with a doctor or other specialist about your weight loss plans and sports. Then, you should think about proper sport for you and start with it. Be careful though. Most likely the years of inactivity without regularly movement shortened your muscles, the muscles or bones can be weak and so on. The human body can take a lot, but it is necessary to keep in mind that too rush in sports just may cause some health problems. If you have heavy overweight, you should just go for a long walks. Alone, with your dogs or friends, every company should be welcomed. Just keep focus on regular body movement.

So if you have these issues in mind, let us look for an ideal sporting activity for you.

swimming for weight lossIf you suffer from some health problems, your doctor may recommend you good sports for beginners like walking, swimming and cycling, yoga. For overweight people is generally recommended walking (up to 3 hours a day), cycling or swimming.

For a healthy person with no overweight – the ideal sport is running, cycling, skating, inline skating, skiing, aerobics, climbing. These are very effective weight loss sports.

You should exercise ideally 3 to 4 times a week. This activity should take at least forty minutes. Make sure you are in the aerobic zone if you want to burn fat which is up to 80% of the maximum heart rate. Start slowly and over time you can add some extra mileage or time to your training routine.

Sport is Just Not Enough – Keep the Healthy Eating Regime Everyday

The proper eating is the important aspect of course, while you doing some sports. The focus is on the healthy and steady weight loss.

It is never too late to start with sport or weight loss. It all depends on your determination and strong will to succeed. Losing weight is for everyone the same!

diet for weightlossIt is important to remember that about 70% of weight loss factors lay in kitchen. About 30% is about sport and other factors. It is also important to realize that sport is a mighty tool to weight loss. Sport also helps against stress, keeps the body in the right physical condition and strengthens the muscles and joints.

Sport is the Key for Healthy Intestines

The regular physical movement also helps to the regular digestion and bowel movement. And fat stores all over the body are burning out thanks to sports.

If person is “a couch potato and sits all day on the sofa in front of his TV set or PC games, it cannot lead to healthy intestines and regular bowel movement for him.

The intestines are desperate for some daily movement. Natural sports like walking or running stimulate the digestive system and digestion is faster and of course more effective.

You cannot lose weight effectively without doing any physical activity, remember!

How to Move Healthy Towards Healthy Weight Loss?

  • Make sure you exercise several times per week.
  • You can choose any sport you like or prefer sports like running, swimming and walking. It depends which sport you enjoy the most.
  • Of course, you can do other things too. Use often the stairs instead of the elevator, for example. You can also walk / ride a bike to your workplace instead using car or bus. There are plenty healthy choices you can do on daily basis.