Weight Loss and Healthy Bowel

Facts about the intestine system

  • The intestine system plays the major role in weight loss journey.
  • It is responsible for the proper immune system functioning and for the psychological health.
  • Many doctors and nutrition therapists now understand that the bowel health is the most important aspect for whole health.

intestines - picture of parts of bowels

How the Great Intestine System Works – It All Start in the Mouth

Digestion of our food begins in the mouth. The breakdown of carbohydrates to simple sugars is going on in the mouth. Fats and proteins digest much later.

You must chew every bite properly to expect that the well digestion of sugars takes place. The mechanical disruption of the food is important too.

The fibre is extremely important for the health of the intestines. But it must be consumed in a reasonable amount and always chew really properly! Un-chewed fibre can be a common cause of constipation leading to frequent bloating. It also may cause poor absorption of nutrients in the intestine wall. This might lead to the lack of an important minerals and vitamins for overall health.

Every bite cycle should take you about 30 seconds, bite slowly, and take small bites. Don’t rush when you are eating! Take away your phone, computer, tv set and really focus on what and how you eat.

The worst thing you can do for losing weight is eating your meals in stress and hurry.

However, if you are out of the time sometimes and in hurry, or if you have teeth problems, use a table mixer or blender. It will make your foods especially fruit or vegetables easy to digest. Also, cut vegetables and meat on little pieces as possible. You save not only a bit of time, but you save a lot of work to your intestines and complete digestive system.

Do You Have a Proper Intestine Flora?

The wrong ratio between bad and good bacteria may cause intestinal bacteria overgrowth, which results in irritation of the intestinal wall and in leaky gut syndrome. This condition leads to poor absorption of nutrients, to the damage of other organs, to the spread of bacteria to other parts of the body.

You must eat the proper diet for good intestine flora. The weight loss is closely related to the health of the intestines, remember it!