Weight Loss and Health

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Weight Loss and Healthy Bowel

The intestine system plays the major role in weight loss journey. It is responsible for the proper immune system functioning and for the psychological health.

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Obesity and BMI index

Did you know that the pandemic of obesity is nowadays everyday reality? Obesity in population is on the rise worldwide, not only in US. The stats we have are very alarming. Obesity is a condition where the excessive accumulation of fat stores occurs in the body.

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How to Lower Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol is an important substance in blood that helps producing hormones and vitamin D. Cholesterol helps the body process fats and it is responsible for the formation of cell membranes. The body makes cholesterol by itself. On the other hand, too much cholesterol is very bad. It is stored on the walls of the blood vessels and may cause heart issues and diseases and other problems.

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Natural Dietary Supplements

It is also important to supplement some vitamins and minerals, but only with natural products from plants and herbs. It is important to promote the natural detoxification of the body due to the polluted environment, poor quality of the air we breathe and poor quality of the water we drink.

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