Healthy Nutrition for Weight Loss

The regular good diet is for weight loss the most important factor. Daily portions should be served several times a day. For optimum it means five to six small meals a day. Do not starve yourself! If so, the fats will be storing easily.

fruits for weight loss

Tips for Healthy Nutrition Habits

1) Divide meals into 5 to 6 servings.

2) Follow 4 hour breaks between 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Breaks can be shortened to half after snacks like yoghurt or fruits. Do not make a major mistake and do not eat too soon after meals. The excess of energy the body does not use will be stored as fat instead.

3) Eat slowly; chew properly, even with small pauses between the bites. The tummy might be satiated, but feeling of satiation is sending by brain about 10 to 15 minutes later. The eating of larger meals should take at least 15 minutes, 30 minutes for optimal health and digestion.

4) The most crucial part in weight loss is the consumption of vegetables or fruits in almost all meals. The reason is simple. The vegetables are very satiated foods. It also contains fibre so the main meal like meat or pasta might be smaller than usual.

5) Eat about twice as much vegetable as fruits. Vegetables and fruits should make about 30% of the total calories. Why you really need so much vegetables and fruits? They are the absolutely best and natural in the feeling of a stuffy belly. The body does not distinguish whether it is filled with sweets or fruit and vegetables. Thanks to that fact you can lose weight significantly while maintaining the same amount of food.

6) Proteins are also important but not as much as people think. Proteins should make only about 20% of the total calorie intake. The best sources of good protein are dairy products, fish, chicken, low-fat cheeses, tofu, legumes, broccoli and other plants. The optimal last meal on every day basis is good protein with vegetables.


Recommended Foods for Healthy Slimming

1) Vegetables. Almost all kinds are good like legumes, vegetable salad and they have a beneficial effect on the overall saturation of the body and they provide the body the necessary vitamins and fibre.

2) Fruit. Fruit is needed, although in weight loss might be clever to eat smaller portions because it contains much more carbohydrates.

3) Starches. Potatoes and brown rice are number ones, pasta, cereal, wholegrain bread, muesli, cornflakes, oatmeal are always the second choice.

4) Proteins. Poultry, fish like cod, tuna, sardines, low-fat cheeses, organic eggs.